About Lyn Lyons

Lyn was born in May 1967 in Glasgow and raised there with her parents, older sister and younger brother until aged eleven when they moved to renfrewshire.

Like most people, my childhood was a mixture of pleasure and pain. I am sure that you can all remember some painful times in your childhood as well as wonderful times, it is these times that can shape our emotional development and create our belief in who we are.

I grew up believing I was worthless, my school reports were awful, I was embarrassed at having to wear spectacles so therefore chose not to wear them, this meant I could not see the blackboard or read books and as a result, had no confidence in anything I did.

After years of physical abuse as a child, I had the belief that I was worthless and weird in my behaviour.  This had a strong effect on how I behaved as I grew up and even through adulthood, every job I had, I failed because I believed that I was worthless.

I was also very nervous and scared of my surroundings as my subconscious mind had learned over the years to go inside of myself like a tortoise. I felt I had to be on guard in case I was going to be attacked due to the past physical abuse which my memory had stored from childhood.

I felt I did not belong in this world and would be better off out of it altogether as it was very tiring trying to fit in to a place where I felt worthless and weird.  I finally seeked help at age 32  from three different therapists who I did not feel could help or understand me. I then finally found the right therapist for me who was a hypnotherapist in Glasgow (Angela Trainor).  I started to feel better after each session as I learned to open up and say how I really felt. Someone was finally really listening to me and helped me to feel that what I felt inside was actually important. I finally smiled and said “Its okay to be me” and that was the biggest breakthrough. I suddenly felt welcome in the world for the first time, as if I actually might have a place in this world.

After a lot of therapy work by talking through everything and how I felt, I finally had the “I know who I am” awakening.

Now I love me, I love who I am, I say what I want, I express myself, I say NO when I mean NO and if someone does not like me, so be it. I like me and that’s what truly matters and when I face difficult challenges, I keep on trying because I believe in me, even when other people try and knock me down or reject me.