Other Hypnosis Treatment

Lyn can help you with other issues which you may like to resolve.  Hypnosis is a very powerful way to make those long lasting changes.

After your free, initial consultation to discuss what you would like to change, Lyn will work with you on a private confidential basis, working with you through talking therapy (counselling) before proceeding to the actual hypnosis treatment.

The result of talking therapy and hypnosis is based on trust and the connection that you have with the therapist. Naturally the more you relax and trust, the more you will open up and talk through deep rooted issues.

The actual hypnosis part is very relaxing and is very powerful at making those changes in your subconscious mind.

Lyn has been working with clients on a private confidential basis for over 17 years now and has been featured in the Daily Record, the Sun, The Sunday Post and Real People magazine, most clients come to Lyn through recommendations.


  • Panic Attacks – Relax and regain control where ever you are and whoever you are with.
  • Depression & Anxiety – Let’s talk and get to the root of the depression and anxiety, you can fix this, you can feel better and take control of your life again.
  • Public Speaking- How to feel relaxed, confident and in control and actually ENJOY delivering you talk
  • Stop Smoking – Quit smoking forever. Your body does not want that toxic nicotine.
  • Stress – What is stress? Stress is an overwhelming feeling of things to do, things to fix, pressure to do more, pressure to achieve more. You can completely change the way that you react to stress, giving you the feeling of control. When you learn how to have a relaxed approach to life and all the challenges it brings, you achieve so much more and feel so much better and happier.
  • Fear of Flying- Let go of the fear and enjoy the flight, feel relaxed, feel safe.

Contact Lyn for a brief chat on what you would like to fix as hypnosis can help with most issues, and with Lyn’s experience dealing with clients for over 17 years, you are making the right start by just contacting her.