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About Weight Loss

Most of us want to lose weight and most of us are always “on a diet”.

Although we know exactly how to lose weight, we still reach for the junk food, the comfort food and TOO MUCH food. Then we get annoyed at ourselves and promise to start our diet tomorrow.

We also try the latest fad diets for a short while and lose a few pounds, then return to our old way of eating. We get more frustrated and annoyed at ourselves again and promise to start our diet tomorrow….again.

You know exactly how to lose weight. You do not need anyone to tell you, so why do you continually get caught up in this personal internal battle?




The answer is that your eating habits are driven by your subconscious mind, therefore we have to reach the subconscious mind to make the long lasting changes. We simply need to re-programme your subconscious mind into eating healthy and feeling full with less food. This is where HYPNOSIS is the answer because HYPNOSIS reaches the subconscious mind directly.


Imagine your subconscious mind being re-programmed to have no desire for any junk food and to feel full with less food. This is where the mind detox and virtual gastric band can help you to lose weight long term.