Almost every client that comes to see me for weight loss has past issues and current issues. Sometimes of these past issues are very deep rooted and become part of who you believe you are. Examples of common issues:

“I am useless”

“I am stupid”

“I am fat”

“I am ugly”

This is usually a result of past abuse and criticism from parents or teachers or anyone from your past. I work with many clients who have been physically, sexually or mentally abused and therefore think that it is acceptable to be treated this way. If your self worth is damaged and very low then losing weight can seem like an impossible challenge.

“I am so worthless and stupid that I do not deserve to be slim and happy”

“I have always been fat and always will be”

“I am so ugly so what is the point in being slim”

All of these negative thoughts can be fixed and erased and replaced with positive ones. Quite often, before the steps of the Mind Detox and Virtual Gastric Band are installed, patients have a few sessions with me to work through past issues.