Virtual Gastric Band

As you know, a lot of overweight people finally seek the surgical option of going into hospital and having a gastric band fitted around the stomach in order to feel full with small amounts of food. This of course works for a lot of people, but if the subconscious mind remains the same, then quite often, patients will crave junk food and force it in past the band as the MIND still wants and craves the junk or sweet foods.

The Virtual band is where the mind is treated first via hypnosis before the Virtual Gastric Band is installed. Changing deep rooted ways of thinking to more positive ways and installing thoughts and feelings of self belief and motivation before the virtual band is fitted via the subconscious mind.  I then take you into the relaxing state of hypnosis and talk you through the gastric band procedure as if you are in hospital having the band  fitted. Although you do not physically have a gastric band fitted, your subconscious minds tricks you into believing that you have one around your stomach so that you will feel full with less food.

You can revisit me for top up sessions to have the virtual band tightened in future.