Super HUMAN Programme


It is said that we only use about 10% of our brain’s capacity. This is a myth. However, do we use our brain to its full capacity ?

Imagine, no matter what age you are, that you can train your brain to see better, hear better, process information faster and more accurately, and train you body to be stronger, fitter and faster. Just imagine what you could do in your business and personal life.

Your brain is like a computer, whatever you programme in to it is exactly what you will get out of it.  If you listen to the daily news, spend time with negative and tired people, focus on getting old, and focus on physical ailments and joint pains, it is no wonder that you are not as passionate about life as you used to be when you were a teenager. What happened to those dreams?

Maybe you also turn to junk food or alcohol to cope with life and all the negative feelings surrounding you. Perhaps you are not as close to your partner and loved ones and you would like to be. Maybe you don’t exercise much anymore because you just don’t have the energy, time or motivation. Maybe you don’t like what you see in the mirror.

Do you love your job? Do you enjoy what you do every day? Do you sing in the office and talk to everyone in a positive way? Do you take great pleasure in helping others at work and always see how to overcome obstacles and beat the daily challenges? Did you answer no to most or all of these questions?

The good news is you can change this; it is never too late to change. In fact, the best time to change is now.

Think how you would like to be, how you would like to feel, how you would like to look, how much energy you would like to have, and how fit and fast you would like your mind and body to respond to situations.

Imagine having a very clear and focussed mind with super eyesight and super hearing, almost like having super human powers. Imagine feeling very young and full of life!

All you need to do is DECIDE to change the programme that you are currently running in your subconscious mind. You created this programme which means that you can CHANGE it. You are in control of this programme!

Your subconscious mind stores billions of memories, memories which you have from childhood and throughout your life. Your subconscious mind drives your emotions, your reactions, your feelings, those bizarre dreams that you may sometimes have and it also drives your belief system, what you believe to be true or false and what you believe to be true about yourself.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is where the subconscious is reached and can be altered. How would you like your mind to be altered? How would you like your mind to be?

Have a look at The Super HUMAN Programme and see just how this can work for you.

What is the Super HUMAN Programme?

Free Consultation

This is one-to-one work with Lyn Lyons at her luxurious and relaxing location in Glasgow. Lyn’s quiet professional offices are the perfect setting to put your feet up, switch off from your every day life and discuss how to change your mind  in a very powerful and effective way.

This is a twelve hour programme which can be split into sessions that best fit your needs. Most clients opt for one hour per week for twelve weeks, however you can have two hour sessions over six weeks, or you can alternate between these. Alternatively you may chose the occasional four hour intense half day appointment, whichever suits you best!

How Does It Work?

Re-programme Your Mind

Lyn will take you through a psychological assessment to let you understand how you see things. We will discuss what you want to change in your personal and business life and how you want to see things going forward. We will work on how you react to different situations. We will fix past negative programming and work through past emotional issues. We will powerfully and effectively increase your self-worth to the highest level. We will use hypnosis techniques to get your subconscious mind to chose to eat healthy and get fit. We will go on the Super HUMAN journey and get you to be as Super HUMAN as you want to be.

What Will You Do Once You Are Super HUMAN?

Now that you are Super HUMAN, what will you do?  Now that you truly believe in you, what will you do? Now that you feel Super HUMAN with so much energy and your mind is bursting with positive thoughts, what will you do ?

What will you do now that you feel so young?

What will you do now that you actually believe in yourself?

Cost of The Super HUMAN Programme

This 12 week programme costs £1,680 in total.

A deposit of £600 to commit to The Super HUMAN Programme, followed by payments of £90 at each of the 12 sessions


At the end of the 12 week programme, you will be asked to complete a further psychological assessment. We will conduct a comparison to the first assessment that you completed. This will show how far you have come to being SUPER HUMAN.